What It Means to Feel Powerful and Have Confidence


When we become present to ourselves, and begin exercising leadership and authority over the parts that make up our inner community, and, in response, the majority of our inner community begins to trust and accept the authority of our leadership, we start to have the feeling of being in command of our lives.

We feel powerful.

We experience confidence from the trust we have in ourselves.

We are able to recover from those times when we hit a wall, or our hopes are dashed, or when the world does not see life as we do, because we have the compassion to know when our limits have been surpassed, and we possess the willingness to make the room needed for recovery.

We see these times as learning opportunities to discover more about ourselves and grow.

When we are present to ourselves, we feel we are contributing, that we are useful, creative and an integral part of the make-up of our community, of humanity itself.

This is the Authentic Self experience – the authentic nature each of us was born with.

If we continually feel that our life is not fulfilling, then we are challenged in being able to move beyond our self-imposed limitations, constructed on the pretext that we will inevitably face trauma again.

We will continually put out more than we get back, we won’t feel in charge or in control of our lives (though we may convince ourselves that we are), to the extent that at times, we feel victims to the consequences and circumstances of our own lives.

We will feel overwhelmed, and that we are caught up in a current that we never seem able to swim out of.

These are the symptoms that arise from not being present to ourselves, or being challenged to sustain the experience of Authentic Self.

The inability to sustain Authentic Self, our inner authority, is the outcome of our inner community not respecting our leadership. Consequently, members of the community are assuming the leadership role and making decisions for us.

Thus when I am in Authentic Self and present I am conscious. I am conscious of my options. I therefore make conscious choices.

When my defenses, as old coping mechanisms, take over, and make choices on my behalf, I am therefore no longer present. I am actually in past-time. It is not possible for me to be fully in Authentic Self and to experience Presence if I am in the past.

Since Consciousness is an outcome of Authentic Self, when I succumb to the pseudo, anxiety-driven leadership of my defenses I am no longer conscious.

I am unconscious.

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4 thoughts on “What It Means to Feel Powerful and Have Confidence

  1. I certainly notice the difference in my actions when I am in authentic self.
    I’m so grateful to be able to tell the difference and have the choices available to me when I’m “conscious”. I notice the feelings of guilt, indecisiveness and shame when I revert back to being taken over by “run away part” of myself. I appreciate this reminder Pietro. Thank you.

  2. This is the authentic self experience – the authentic nature each of us was born with.
    This is such a lif affirming marker on the healing path. Being present and making conscious choices such a sensible self affirming fully embracing “cloak” to wear at all times. And how short the memory for at times the gift is being so present it is difficult to remember the exacting experience of everpresent anxiety I felt in the past. Such a gift. Thank you.

  3. Robin Maynard-Dobbs

    I seem to go in and out of the experience of being authentic. I can usually tell by how I feel in my body….grounded and the simple thing that is right in front of me is enough…. for now. I appreciate ARC for helping me to discern when parts have taken over and I am suddenly swallowed up by overwhelm, feeling scattered and chaotic. I find it more challenging to make a conscious decision when I am not in the authentic self. For then, who is the one who is choosing?

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