bookWelcome to my Book Blog,

I am Pietro Abela, author of A Return to Consciousness and founder of The ARC Institute.

This is my book’s very first release to general viewing and a prelude to its future publication.

A Return to Consciousness is essentially a companion on the personal growth journey. Any guidebook can be read from beginning to end without ever traveling to the country or region it writes about. However, a good guidebook thrives when it becomes an actual companion on your journey. As a guidebook upon the personal growth journey, A Return to Consciousness is no exception. I believe it excels as a traveler’s companion.

The ideas and techniques in the book have already benefited many thousands of people in all walks of life and in many professions. This blog is a step towards broadening the scope and availability of A Return to Consciousness in the hope that many more will benefit than already have.

I will be posting weekly excerpts – on Fridays – with occasional invitations to start a discussion on some of the written topics.

Please pass on the blog’s link to your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone you feel would be interested or who might benefit from reading it or joining our conversations.

Thank you!

Pietro Abela