We Are All Born for Leadership


All of us are born with inherent leadership ability. This does not mean that every single one of us is born to be president, prime minister or monarch, but that we each possess the ability for self-government. Leadership is the ability to make the choices and decisions necessary for the welfare and well-being of the community leadership governs.

To make such choices assumes the leader is able to be present to the needs of the community, which means being caring, having compassion, as well as the curiosity and interest to know, learn and understand more about the individual and collective members, to hear their needs, and to be prepared to respond to those needs.

Leadership entails having the preparedness to trust in individual and collective potential.Exercising trust is seeing the intrinsic value within each individual you govern, having faith in their ability to sustain themselves and, in challenging times, to push through.

Leadership is knowing each one has their own journey and path of learning to walk, that the experience of life is their true teacher. At the same time, leadership must be prepared to challenge; to confront the community members that are seen to be eroding or working against the collective aims and quality of life of the community.

Leadership and Presence begin at home. Being present to and for ourselves allows for healthy leadership and authority towards ourselves. Our ability to be present, leaders, and therefore examples or models to others is reflective of our ability to be present and in authority to ourselves.

As we become present to ourselves we begin to know ourselves. We will start to know how we function and how the various parts of ourselves operate on (what they believe to be) our behalf. It is then that we are able to govern, that is, make choices and decisions for our internal community and therefore for the improvement and betterment of our inner society as a whole. Then we are exercising our inner authority, our intrinsic natural leadership.

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Why the Cuban Missile Crisis in the sixties provided a model for healthy inner leadership.

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2 thoughts on “We Are All Born for Leadership

  1. Thanks for this posting. This concept, which I learned through my ARC training had helped me in innumerable ways. Just slowing down and listening to my various parts helps me to make informed, and thereby, better decisions for my life.

    • Thanks for mentioning this aspect of leadership, Bonnie. You refer to an aspect in your ARC training which will be presented in my forthcoming blog this coming Friday: the ability to seek counsel from our internal parts. When we are in a position of authority to ourselves, meaning we are present to ourselves and operate our lives from a place of authenticity, certain parts of ourselves become assets in our lives. When we are as yet unable to hold a sustained position of self-authority then our internal parts take upon themselves the role of authority. This results in making limited or inappropriate choices, decisions more relevant to needs in our past over our present needs, the prevalence of addictions, and scarcity thinking.

      In a few weeks I will be bringing the information learned from the blog posts together to form a fuller understanding of this process. In the meantime, if you are reading this reply to Bonnie’s comment and wondering what’s behind this talk of “parts” please refer to all of the past Chapter Three and Chapter Four blog posts. These posts will clarify and deepen your understanding of “parts.”

      Thank you again, Bonnie,

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