Living Authentically: Being the Victim No More


Our inherent authentic nature naturally becomes more prominent when we work through and beyond our personal limitations.

When Authentic Self becomes prominent people begin creating the intention to make their own needs at least as important as the needs of others and to be willing to speak out when those needs are in any way compromised…

It is typical to see them addressing the issues that are not working in key relationships. Conversations are held with loved ones in the attempt to bring them on board and in-line with the new direction they are heading towards.

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Questions are asked about careers: Is my career serving me? Is it what I want to do? Am I fulfilled in my work? Am I giving myself away in my job? Financial circumstances may not always permit a radical change in a job, but it does not negate the desire for change. Many people will be impelled to take the risk to improve the conditions of the workplace they are already involved in, or to consider, even fantasize about, moving forward to another more fulfilling and productive career.

There is an unwillingness to be disempowered anymore, to be the victim. Victim relationships are unequal relationships. The drive exists to procure, develop, and create relationships that are equal, where the needs of the authentic person are at least equal to the needs of the person he or she is in relationship with.


Equality is extended to situations where there was once an inequality. For example, if someone is victim to debt, she or he may seek ways to get on top of it and reduce it.

People squander money and resources less and place importance, if they can afford to, on financing their health needs, such as finding a diet that is healthier, taking nutrients or vitamins and minerals which may be supportive to vitality, setting up bodywork sessions, seeing practitioners to foster self-care, taking regular exercise, taking time for relaxation, rejuvenation and stimulation.

None of this happens overnight. But these changes in life reflect the prominence of Authentic Self.

It is a road people begin to walk down when Authentic Self takes the throne.

Equal relationships are not an overnight sensation. It is something that conscious people begin negotiating in their lives and moving towards.

When we move out of denial and enter consciously on their personal growth journey, we step upon the road to authenticity.

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One thought on “Living Authentically: Being the Victim No More

  1. What is good for me, is good for everyone. Whatever helps me become a more positive person, reflects upon others and vice versa. We here to learn, to be educated, to be productive, so we can help others and others to help us.

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