How to Tell If You Are Holding Too much Anger


Anger is a fire emotion. The properties of fire may be experienced when there is an excessive amount of anger present in the emotional system. Whereas sadness has more inactive properties, the presence of anger results in increased activity.

The increased activity is the reflection of more heat in the emotional system.

When there is more heat in summer time, your house will be hotter upstairs and cooler downstairs in the basement. Heat rises. Heat will rise in our physical bodies in the same way it rises in our house. This means that many of the properties of heat are recognizable through the presence of head-based conditions.

The list below shows the properties of heat resulting from the presence of excessive anger in the emotional system:

  • Hyper-behaviour: difficulty sitting still; finding excuses for any short-term activity; the need to be on the go; overly motivated.
  • Feeling intolerant: easily irritated; people, things, or events getting on your nerves; bouts of anger or frustration; impatience.
  • An increase in allergy symptoms: stronger symptomatic reactions from known allergies.
  • Less grounded: feeling less “present:” the mind wanders off more than before, forgetting details more often; people complaining you are in your own world.
  • Head symptoms: increased headaches (or migraines if you are a migraine sufferer); slight, occasional bouts of dizziness; feeling spacey.
  • Excess heat: feeling generally hot especially at night, inclined to avoid hot weather or hot baths, nausea especially when upset or angry.
  • Sleeplessness: waking up in the middle of the night often with an active mind.

 One or more of these symptoms can indicate the presence of excessive anger in the emotional system.


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