Even Hitler was Endowed with a Deep Well of Love


The Authentic Self has been named in previous articles as an intrinsic leader, an inner witness and a provider of both care and boundaries. The essential nature of Authentic Self, however, goes even deeper than this.

The Authentic Self is a deep, bottomless well of love.

This well is central to our being. It is our essence, our core nature.

Religions and Spiritual thinkers have called, and continue to call it our Essence, the Soul: the inner aspect of ourselves that remains pure and untouched.

Despite the sins we have committed, the abuses we have imposed on others, the errors we have made, each one of us harbours an unlimited well of love, untouched and unscarred by life’s battles, with the intrinsic ability to love without limit, without judgment, without condition.

He (or she) who is inconsiderate of others, who steals, who abuses, who commits acts of violence; the bigot who slanders under the flag of prejudice, the murderers who inflict legacies of loss onto the families left behind, the Hitlers’, Stalins’, Saddam Husseins’, the despots past and present, the robbers of dignity through acts of torture and genocide – each is endowed with a deep well of love.

Beneath the acts and intentions of all “evil-doers” resides an ability to love, care, and accept, without judgment prejudice or harmful intention, something that may be hard to hear and believe if you have in any way suffered or been impaired by the atrocities of such people…

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When trauma occurs, the Well is covered over and our defenses and resistances take charge and make many of our life choices.

When we set out on our personal growth journey, we begin the uncovering, the unearthing of the Well.

As we continue to challenge and re-consider the choices being made for us by our defenses, as their hold weakens, our Well, the Authentic Self, is gradually unearthed, uncovered, to become eventually a force of influence within our emotional system and in our lives.


Authentic Self never sets out to hurt you or anyone else. Authentic Self is all-embracing, all-accepting and parental in its make-up. It is kind, caring, and benign, both towards you and others.

Essentially, it is Authentic Self’s intrinsic ability to love unconditionally that the defense does not trust.

Defense makes an impaired association between loving another and boundaries, believing the more willing and able you are to love and accept others, the easier it will be for them to cross your boundaries and to walk over you and ultimately take advantage of you.

Defenses believe authentic love is porous, that by nature, unconditional love and acceptance is an open door to trauma.

Authentic Self by its very presence, they reason, is an open invitation for trauma.

Defense distrusts the Authentic Self, believing authentic love and care will get in the way of necessary self-protection. Therefore defense reasons, Authentic Self’s place at the head of the emotional system must be supplanted by defense’s leadership, because, it believes, if Authentic Self sits in the position of leadership its intrinsic inability to provide appropriate boundaries will inevitably incur, if not attract trauma.

What our defenses do not have the ability to see, being outside of their experience, is that boundaries are, in fact, a natural outcome of love.

In fact, the greater my love, the stronger will be my boundaries.

Love and self-protection go hand-in-hand.

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4 thoughts on “Even Hitler was Endowed with a Deep Well of Love

  1. Interesting to consider whether it is true that all humans have an authentic self which is a deep well of love, including Hitler

    So, this includes psychopaths? From what I read, true psychopaths (which make up 1%-4% of the population) are incapable of feeling human love, empathy, compassion. Some have called it a “sub-species” masquerading as human. Is it a neurological disorder? Is it possible that our belief that all are capable of love can sometimes cause projections that are dangerous to believe?

  2. Robin Maynard-Dobbs

    Pietro – thank you for reminding us that for all the horrible things that people do, that underneath all we want is unconditional love because that is who we are.

  3. Interesting. I believe that all human behavior is driven by a desire to connect. And, I believe the desire to connect is based the yearning for authentic love. And, perhaps the ultimate experience for me in this plane is to meet up with and have glimpses of my authentic selve. To me this is meeting up with the love which exists within all of us (most awakened beingness/energy state.) And, it makes so much sense that the return journey towards our authentic selves is one of addressing trauma.

    I do not have much faith in Western/Colonial Culture (DSM) labels. The criteria/data upon which these labels have been established has not considered the spiritual nature of our humanness. Is it possible that early truama (perhaps) in utero could result in “psychopathic” traits? Yes! Is it possible that such trauma could cause such a sense of powerlessness/fighorflight fear that the fetus goes on to become a full blown psychopath? Yes! The miracle of conception, in my opinion does not allow for the possiblity of “bad” humans. Hitler, Bu.., Har…!!!

    BUT,, in my opinion…..LOL… all my opinions including the aforementioned could change over time. They certainly have done so for many decades now!

    Thankfully, Pietro I have crossed some rickety bridges…and the grossly ugly threatening trauma trolls that lurked underneath…have in many ways been vaporized. Truly, they seem comical and storybook spoofs. I welcome the ashes ceremony. I celebrate authentic life moments. And, I accept that a yearning for authenticity self love (Inner God Connection) is the human experience.

  4. Really good, Pietro. I have finally realized this truth after many years of suffering due to ego ignorance and denial of what love is and where it resides. Thank you for helping me find it. The truth.

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