Overview of a Return to Consciousness

A Return to Consciousness is a companion on the personal growth journey. As a complete personal awareness course, A Return to Consciousness encourages you to look beneath the rocks, to take a peek at root causes, to undo the origins of issues that are still active in influencing you away from reaching contentment, abundance, career satisfaction and ongoing, fulfilling personal relationships. It strives towards an end result where you possess the knowledge, tools and ability to make these goals a definitive reality.

Whether one chooses to commit to one’s personal growth and self-development through courses and workshops or working within a therapeutic environment, self-improvement is expensive. A Return to Consciousness is a rare opportunity to experience a hands-on, experiential personal growth program for the cost of a book. It will appeal to those who want to help themselves, but either cannot afford the more traditional routes or do not want to spend vast sums of money.

shutterstock_64138858The personal growth journey is the classic mythical hero’s journey; a journey of challenges, pitfalls, victories, exuberances and achievements, one that asks that we take a step into uncertainty. A Return to Consciousness is a guide on this epic journey, written with the intention of taking the mystery out of the experience.

Each traveler passes through five distinct stages on the journey: Resistance; The Expression of Emotions and Feelings; The Process of Integration; Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and A Return to Consciousness.

As the traveler passes through each stage, he or she is increasingly governed less by anxiety and is better able and more willing to take risks. Risk-taking, in this sense allows for travel off-the-beaten path, to walk outside familiar and often limited, sometimes addictive, coping strategies. This is somewhat like letting go of a best-friend, whose companionship once served, but whose advice you have out-grown, and whose company at times actually holds you back. Informed risk-taking – the willingness to travel beyond the familiar – and the companionship of improved self-confidence, courage and know-how, become the catalysts for alternative but healthier and more appropriate lifestyles.

A Return to Consciousness intimately guides the traveler through each of the stages, informing of the characteristics of the stage and providing the tools to attain the greatest benefits each stage offers.

A Return to Consciousness covers so much ground – behaviours that hold you back, relationship issues with your spouse and kids, careers, dating issues, anger, how to forgive, financial abundance, communicating and expressing yourself honestly and appropriately – that anyone will find a topic of relevance. A Return to Consciousness does not deal with these and other topics of interest as separate entities. Instead, it treats each one as an inevitable stage within the personal growth process. In other words, when readers reach The Process of Integration Stage, they will be entering into relational challenges and choices that will need to be addressed. At each stage of the process, the book clearly states what they can expect to be occurring and why – and what the options to cope and resolve them are. Similarly, when they enter The Expression of Emotions and Feelings Stage, emotions will arise. The book informs the reader of the emotions they can expect to see, how they will manifest especially when in the presence of others, and gives the reasons why they are coming up. Then the tools to work with them in appropriate, respectful and therefore healthy ways are given, so that the reader can complete this stage, allowing him or her to move onto the next.

As you travel through each of the stages you begin to feel safe inside. This safety is the experience of Presence. Presence is an anxiety-free state, an outcome from the emergence of our own inner authority as the foundational provider for our needs. One of the important truths A Return to Consciousness teaches is the reality that inner leadership and authority is alive and well within all of us, and is simply covered over by aspects of ourselves that take over, and temporarily or even permanently assume leadership roles, usually during times when we are most anxious or stressed. The return of our rightful leadership from self-imposed exile and the movement into our own authority is our Return to Consciousness.

shutterstock_70054066In this book, inner authority or leadership is assigned the name Authentic Self. Out of all the experiences of enhanced or greater consciousness that have been described over the ages, Authentic Self has been chosen because the name most fully describes the Conscious feeling and experience. As we venture further on the journey, we grow. As we grow, we become more authentic.

Authentic Self is the true reward of the personal growth journey. As we travel upon the journey, Authentic Self becomes our home. The safety we feel inside becomes one that can be physically felt, and one we can always return to. Ultimately, the Journey of Consciousness – the realization of Authentic Self – provides a concrete home to return to. As well, it provides the tools to ensure the Return: the return home.

Life asks us to leave home now and then to foster more growth, but tools and resources are always available on the journey, there to be used, as needed, to pave the road, or to re-discover the road already paved for the return journey home. It is a very secure feeling to know you possess the Power of the Return.

As a guide on the journey, A Return to Consciousness is not concerned with securing permanence. It is far more interested in recruiting or creating the resources to support a working relationship with change – since change is our only certainty.