Does Resolving One Trauma Ensure All Other Traumas Are Resolved?

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We grow up with multiple traumas.

Many times in our lives we are faced with events that are outside of our area of coping, that we are unable to fully recover from.

Traumas are the result of events which exceed our expectations, that we are unable to compensate for or fully recover from. (Read more on trauma)

Despite the fact that many suffer profound trauma in later life, our first trauma, usually suffered in the early years of our lives, will have significant impact, probably the most impact of all traumas.

My book, A Return to Consciousness, looks at how all trauma, but especially how that initial trauma affects us. It helps us to understand the impact and effects of trauma, how to recognize when our traumas are affecting us on a daily basis, and how to work towards successfully recovering from them. Thus ensuring we lead a wholesome, fulfilling, and productive life without being subjected to the impact and limitations that trauma brings.

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