Are You Too Quick to Forgive?

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Forgiveness and reconciliation is a confused concept in our society.

Someone who has been in dispute with another may sincerely tell you of his forgiveness towards that person despite the fact that his body language and facial features, or the angry tones within his voice, or his outright avoidance of the person involved tell a different story.

You suspect he is harbouring anger and resentment towards this person. But when you confront him on this he completely denies it, and is even angry at you for suggesting it…

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Living Authentically: Being the Victim No More


Our inherent authentic nature naturally becomes more prominent when we work through and beyond our personal limitations.

When Authentic Self becomes prominent people begin creating the intention to make their own needs at least as important as the needs of others and to be willing to speak out when those needs are in any way compromised…

It is typical to see them addressing the issues that are not working in key relationships. Conversations are held with loved ones in the attempt to bring them on board and in-line with the new direction they are heading towards.

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