The Problem with Men


Do you typically get angry and rarely express your more vulnerable emotions such as sadness, fear, or anxiety?

How can you tell whether you are using anger as a defense mechanism against the expression of your more vulnerable emotions?

Typically men are challenged in expressing their more vulnerable emotions, such as admitting to being sad, or owning up to having moments of fear and anxiety…

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How to Tell If Someone You Know is In Denial


When my first wife left me I came out of denial. As I walked down Windsor Avenue in the coastal town of Powell River with my friend, Laurie, feeling completely distraught, overwhelmed and very, very frightened and at the same time desperately trying to hold it all together, I said to her:

“Something hasn’t been working in my marriage and I need to look at what my responsibility is.”

Prior to that statement, I had looked outside of myself. I held the world and all of its inhabitants to blame for my problems, the trials and tribulations I suffered from the aspects of my life that weren’t working. I blamed everyone and everything else for my problems.

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Why Personal Growth Can Be Like Riding a Bus in the Dark

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In the early years of my personal growth there were times I did not know or understand why certain experiences were happening to me.

Though I had good connections with some wise and knowing people, nobody could explain to me the various stages that exist in the personal growth process.

No one could tell me why, after feeling better than I felt for years I began to sabotage myself by moving back into self-destructive behaviours. Why after attending a meditation retreat I returned feeling irritable and angry. Why I had periods where I felt so sad I was on the verge of tears. Was I depressed? Was I mentally unstable?

My doctor was convinced I should be on anti-depressants. My naturopath kept persuading me to buy more vitamins and herbal products. My friends advised me to forget this personal growth stuff and come drink beer with them. There were times on my personal growth curve when I was utterly confused and didn’t know what was happening.

Why did I stay on this path? Because despite the ups and downs, I felt I was getting better.

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