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In my childhood I was very sensitive around my height.

If someone actually voiced insult or derision around my height, I would sometimes feel devastated. I could not, in those times, authentically move beyond my shame to offer the comfort and re-assurance that it was okay – I was just fine and normal.

Instead, I would beat myself up, cursing myself for being born in this shape and form.

I replicated the abuse and shaming from others – towards myself.

As I was became more conscious I began to challenge and enact boundaries towards the self-deprecating and shaming behaviours.

I began to give assurance to myself, specifically to the part of myself who held that shame.

This form of self-care lasted years, until I came to the place where it no longer mattered what you or someone else believed to be physically abnormal.

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Does Resolving One Trauma Ensure All Other Traumas Are Resolved?

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We grow up with multiple traumas.

Many times in our lives we are faced with events that are outside of our area of coping, that we are unable to fully recover from.

Traumas are the result of events which exceed our expectations, that we are unable to compensate for or fully recover from. (Read more on trauma)

Despite the fact that many suffer profound trauma in later life, our first trauma, usually suffered in the early years of our lives, will have significant impact, probably the most impact of all traumas.

My book, A Return to Consciousness, looks at how all trauma, but especially how that initial trauma affects us. It helps us to understand the impact and effects of trauma, how to recognize when our traumas are affecting us on a daily basis, and how to work towards successfully recovering from them. Thus ensuring we lead a wholesome, fulfilling, and productive life without being subjected to the impact and limitations that trauma brings.

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What To Do When We Hit Stress – Or Stress Hits Us


Our Level of Tolerance reflects our ability to withstand and handle stress.

A stressful event or situation is one that falls outside of the Level of Tolerance. 

Since the Level of Tolerance varies from person to person, stress, and how stress affects us, is relative to each and every one of us.

Whenever we encounter a stressful situation that falls outside of the Level of Tolerance, then it is highly likely that we will temporarily cope with the stress in ways we used to cope…

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Are You Feeling Safe These Days?


Many religions preach various forms of enlightenment, attained from good works and deeds and living by well-intentioned standards, morals, and disciplines.

Our television commercials want us to believe that buying a product will magically transform sectors of our lives.

It is drummed into us from an early age that if we acquire certain educational qualifications we will attain the comfortable lifestyle that money can buy,

We are groomed to believe that when we cross thresholds our lives will either be instantly changed or in some way turned around.

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Forgiveness Will Tell You ‘No!’


Forgiveness is spacious and timely.

When I am influenced by traumas from my past, I will have the tendency to assume guilt before innocence.

I distrust.

When I am in forgiveness, which essentially means that I am looking at my world through authentic eyes, which in turn assumes that my vision is unhindered or tainted by the sightings of my trauma, I am willing to take the space and the time for you to show your goodness.

My forgiveness is not a constant. Forgiveness does not require that I will wait forever, or even for a very long in some cases. If I disagree with you, or you don’t pull through in ways that are needed, forgiveness has the boundary in place to exercise, and if need be to express the “No” appropriate to the situation.

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Eight Practical Ways to Protect Yourself from Colds and Flu


For those living in the northern hemisphere, the fall or autumn months bring cooler temperatures, and greater susceptibility to colds and influenza or ‘flu.

The last five years have seen deeper understandings of the nature and cycles of viruses underlying flu and cold symptoms. It is now recognized that a virus can actively live on a surface for as long as 48 hours and carries the potential to infect as long as it remains alive and active.

Most viruses are passed along from person to person through the transference of body fluids.

While it is virtually impossible not to come in contact with a virus, it is far more possible to avoid the effects of a virus and consequently catching a cold or flu.

The suggestions below can help to avoid the effects of virus contact:

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Learning How to Replace Self-Blame with Self-Acceptance


Forgiveness of others is dependent on our ability to forgive ourselves.

If we are prone to exercising blame and intolerance towards ourselves, then our ability to forgive others will be limited. (Read more on Self-Anger.)

If we have suffered from, or have been exposed to any kind of trauma, we will have acquired the propensity to take what happens in our outside environment personally. (Read more on Trauma.)

Taking our outside environment personally leads to shame and self-rejection. (Read more on Personalizing.)

As we move along our in our personal growth process we learn to replace self-shame for self-acceptance.

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The Road to Self-Forgiveness: Accepting Your Limitations


When my client sits before me and tells me of her regret for not being an adequate mother and protecting her child from those who bullied her at school some ten years ago, after asking permission, I hold one of her hands and say,

“Let’s assume the regrets you hold are being held in this hand.”

Then I let go of the “regret” hand and I ask her permission to take hold of the other hand, and ask,

“I am hearing you tell of your regrets and the expectations you held towards yourself at the time, but I am not hearing you tell of your limitations. What were the limitations that existed for you as a mother ten years ago at the time?”

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Have You Ever Knowingly Hurt Someone? Is Regret Silently Eating You Up?


What if I have hurt another, inflicted pain, or abused someone else? Can I forgive myself if that hurt remains unresolved?

We cannot live in the house of forgiveness if the pain we inflicted on others is left unattended.

The husband who slanders and degrades his wife by constantly calling her a bitch or a whore, the mother who beat her children, the friend who gossiped privileged information about another friend, the man who stole money from a colleague, all may claim to have locked these memories away into the recesses of the mind, but this does not ensure such abuses are truly forgotten.

A tough guy’s surface talk of sports, work, and what he would do to the attractive girl walking past him were he given the opportunity, may seem to be a crude attempt to prove his manliness, when in reality, it serves to distract him from the buried guilt, shame, and terrible regret and self-anger he has over his past abusive treatment of his wife and children…

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